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About Me

I can thank animals for my photography career. I always
knew I wanted to work with animals and tried a few other
ventures before I stumbled across what would become a
true passion... photography!
Because of my love for horses I started out as an equine
photographer. Having owned my own horse for 13 years,
and been around them for many more, really made a huge
difference in being able to capture their magic and
essence. I developed my own unique style and became
recognized in the field of equine photography.
Not wanting to limit myself in a specific niche I ventured
into pet photography. Having been so interested in
animals and really delving deep into animal behaviour
over the years assisted greatly in being able to get the
very best out of pets in their photoshoots.
This venture has taken off massively and I am so grateful
for the incredible support I have received and friendships I
have made.
Being a girl on a mission it didn't stop there. I fell in love
with the design industry as a whole. Lifestyle
photography and design services is currently also my new
passion project. I love helping local brands create their
own unique content and designs ultimately assisting in
business growth.

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Tel: 084 6946598

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