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Capture the Bond: Timeless Equine Photography

Your equine companion deserves the spotlight with an equine photoshoot. With 15 years of caring for my own mare and countless hours learning from these beautiful animals, I possess a profound understanding that allows me to capture their essence and your shared moments with authenticity. It is this experience paired with my deep respect for their spirit that lets me create photographs that resonate with the hearts of those who cherish these gentle giants. Every equine photoshoot is a new adventure, a chance to explore the depths of your relationship against the grand canvas that is Cape Town. Be it the serene beaches at sunset, the rolling vineyards in the glow of morning, or the rugged beauty of the hills—your session will reflect the splendor of the environment and the magnificence of your equine partner. ( Click on image to view in full. )

Why Choose Me for Your Equine Photoshoot

  • Intuitive Connection: A photographer who listens deeply, sensing the perfect moments.

  • Experienced Touch: Over 15 years of personal equine care and photography expertise.

  • Distinctive Style: Artistry that elevates each shot, tailored to the unique character of your bond.

  • Enduring Memories: Produce a gallery of images that cherishes the unique story you share with your horse.

Join me and allow your treasured moments to be captured with finesse and reverence. The wind in the mane, the steady gaze, the unbridled spirit of your horse—caught in still imagery that will echo through time.

Start your incredible photographic journey and book a session with an equine photographer who truly understands the essence of your equine companion.

An incredible experience from start to finish. Thank you Ashley for being so patient with my mare and her shenanigans, and for never making us feel pressured or rushed, I could actually enjoy the afternoon. You have such a good eye and I absolutely love the special moments you captured and will forever cherish them and the biggest bonus was getting my photos so quickly!"

Tanya Gers

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