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Memorable Pet Photography for Your Furry Friends

Welcome to the enchanting world of pet photography, where each click of the shutter preserves the joy, quirkiness, and love that your furry companion brings to your life. In the breathtaking landscapes of Cape Town and its surrounds, allow me, your dedicated pet photographer, to create stunning visual memories that will last a lifetime. Working with dogs requires patience and experience as every dog's personality is different and requires a unique approach. Working with an anxious dog compared to a high energy dog will require two different methods.

 One needs experience and a good understanding of animal behaviour to be able to read the situation correctly and not to push a stressed animal. I always strive to end every shoot with happy pets & owners. ( Click on image to view in full. )

Why Choose Me for Your Pet Photography Needs?
  • Passionate Expertise: I don't just take photos; I capture the essence of your pet's personality. With years of experience specializing in pet photography, I understand the importance of patience and a tailored approach to each animal's unique spirit.


  • Bespoke Sessions: Whether your pooch is a boundless bundle of energy or a shy pup with a gentle soul, my methods adapt. I have the skills to work harmoniously with your pet, ensuring they stay comfortable and you get candid shots that reflect their true selves.


  • Animal Behavior Insight: Not every photographer can claim to truly understand their subjects. With a keen eye for animal behavior, I can read the situation and interact with your pet in a way that minimizes stress, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable photography experience.

  • Happy Pets & Owners: My goal is to create not just amazing photographs, but also a delightful experience. The joy of the photoshoot itself will shine through in every image, alongside the wag of a tail or the curious tilt of a head.

The Pet Photography Experience

We'll start with a pre-shoot consultation to discuss your vision, get to know your pet, and plan the perfect session. Then, we'll meet at one of Cape Town’s gorgeous locales - or a place special to you and your pet. I'll work quietly and calmly, always respecting your pet's pace and preferences.

With an array of photo packages to choose from, you'll be able to select the perfect memento of your bond with your pet - be it a large framed piece that commands a room or a series of snapshots that tell the story of your adventures together.

Capture the heart, the antics, and the sweet moments of your pets with photos that speak louder than barks and meows. Get in touch and book your pet photoshoot session now to celebrate the furry love of your life.

How to prepare for your pet shoot
We had a photoshoot last weekend with Ashley Chapman, and I cannot recommend her enough. She was absolutely amazing with the doggos, she's exceptionally talented and really has a passion for what she does! I am blown away not only by how incredible the photos are but the turnaround time in getting final images as well. Thank you so much, Ash! ❤️

Moshini Ambrose 

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