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Capturing Millie’s Special Day: A Unique Pet Photography Experience

This morning, I had the pleasure of capturing Millie’s special day. My clients got a unique dog cake made for her dog, Millie. She even had a cute pink bandana especially made for her on her special day. It was truly a unique and special experience capturing the special moments for her.

Pet photography is a great way to capture and document your pet’s birthday. It is a unique way to celebrate your pet’s special day and create memories that will last a lifetime. Investing in pet photography is worth it because it captures the essence of your pet’s personality and character. It is also an opportunity to create beautiful artwork that you can display in your home or office.

But back to this morning's shoot. Millie was extremely excited when I arrived. Dealing with an excited dog on a photoshoot can be challenging. One way to calm an overexcited dog is to reward calm behavior. Through a combination of ignoring excited behavior and rewarding calm behavior, you can help your dog to naturally and instinctively move into the calmer state.

Another way to calm an excited dog is to wear them out before the photoshoot by taking them on a long walk. Don’t Reward Wild Behavior: While it can be fun to see your dog spin in circles at the sight of their favorite toy (or person), it’s important to recognize it as excitable behavior that will only get worse if it’s encouraged. So by ignoring Millie's excitement and by remaing calm ad patient, while using a calm tone when speaking to her she eventually settled for her shoot.

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